Let's hear from the creator of Healthy Skin Care, Stephanie.

I am a cancer survivor. Which to me explains it all, but let me explain :) As most of us know, mass production of products is very likely to contain cancer causing toxins! I've also noticed the aging in womens skin due to mainstream products. I have used my own creations on myself for years and found it is way better, more beautiful results and internally healthier. Healthy Skin products are more than just about making your skin beautiful. Healthy Skin products give you the control to ensure you are not contaminating your body with dangerous chemicals. With all the toxins surrounding us daily slowly causing cancer or other chronic diseases, you can claim the power to put what you need and want onto your skin and in your bloodstream. We are HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL! This is my passion and what makes me happy. I hope you take a look at my shop and try something :) xo