Beard Oil

  • $19.99

Smell like a delicious clean man 💪🏽 Made with castor oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil and Black seed oil !!! 😱 With a touch of my own essential oil blend; notes of organic vanilla, cedar oil and fir needle oil to make a mouthwatering man scent. 


OK OK OK enough about a delicious man smell. Now for a man’s important beard oil task:

it helps bald spots grow in finally

it makes a beard look healthy and luxurious

helps relieve Itchiness associated with beards

nourishes pores underneath beard to become fuller

  Recently, there has been an excessive amount of  imitation beard oil products on the market.  These oils typically contain chemicals that simulate a slippery feeling (i.e. silicone) and deliver zero benefits to your skin and beard.  Therefore it’s strongly recommended that you steer clear of these products.